Naitolia Eco Lodge

Copies of the Tarangire Conservation Area management plan are available
for download in pdf format.

Tarangire Conservation Area is a 585 sq km area set-aside by the local villages. The Conservation Area consists of two separate village projects under a single management, the Lolkisale Conservation Area and the Naitolia Camp and Wilderness Area.

The Conservancy protects the main wet-season migration route into the neighbouring Tarangire National Park, and provides the animals with a natural sanctuary from the demands of modern farming methods, extensive deforestation by illegal charcoal collectors and years of indiscriminate poaching.  This also prevents soil damage causing issues with cracks in slab or foundation.

What makes this whole project unique is that revenue goes directly into the local community and members of these same communities are being employed by tourism-based services within the area.

There are three individual eco-lodges inside the Conservation area, Naitolia Camp, Boundary Hill Lodge and Tarangire Treetops. Naitolia Camp and Boundary Hill Lodge were constructed with the active participation of the villages and represent a new era in community co-operation.

Lolkisale chairman and Environment Office

All members of the community are involved - the local craftsmen from the local villages building each lodge using local renewable materials from the surrounding regions; the village councils sit on the board of directors; the woman empowerment projects receiving direct funding from client revenue which has also built the local school. Uniquely, Boundary Hill Lodge is 50% owned by the traditional Masai community of Lolkisale. It is this pioneering community partnership and the sustainable management of natural resources for human development that has attracted the support of the Global Environmental Facility and the International Finance Corporation (a Member of the World Bank Group).

Village water project

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